Blueberry production in Poland and the world

From International Blueberry Organization (IBO), Poland is not european leader in blueberry production. This title claimed Spain, where in 2016 production of these fruits was about 28 350 tons, where in Poland 12 000 tons. Notable producer of these fruits in Europe is also Germany with production of 10 000 tons.

Production drop in Poland in season 2016 comes from harsh weather in 2015 ( very hot and dry summer). Winter in 2015-16 was hard too, very warm December and very fast temperature drop (to -25) on beginning of January 2016 resulted in damaging flower buds. These two factors resulted in production drop, even with increasing area of plantation in Poland.

Data from IBO show that production of blueberry on the world is still rising and in 2016 it was 650 000 tons, 100 000 tons more than two years earlier. Forecast show that in 2019 world production of blueberry can go over 900 000 tons.

World leader of production of blueberry are United Stated of America with production of 260 000 tons which still rises. Another noticeable production increase was noted in China where in the last two years production increased by 10 000 tons and is now considered for 30 000 tons. On world market of blueberry biggest need is in times of harvest in United States and Europe. After United States there is a lot of blueberry from warm countries like Chile, Peru and Argentine and Morocco and Spain.

Biggest producers of blueberry on the world (in tons)

Country                       Production 2016                Production 2014

USA                                  259 200                                    251 130

Chile                                 120 032                                    101 300

China                                 30 000                                     20 000

Spain                                  28 350                                      19 700

Argentine                           19 425                                      15 500

Peru                                    20 000                                        3 000

Morocco                             12 600                                        6 600

Poland                                12 000                                       15 500

suorce: Internationa Blueberry Organization

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