Polish blueberry Huron

Blueberry season in full

Blueberry season in full

Harvest of blueberry is becoming faster. Harvest of Duke is ending. Bluecrop in the 29th week is in full harvest. High performance of Bluecrop is assumed to be to 31st week. After that the harvest of Bluecrop will be minimal, older plantations will stay the same but there is not a lot of them. From 32nd week the quantity of blueberry will be smaller, because the later types give less fruit. Liberty suffered during low temperatures in winter, Chandler in spring lost a lot of buds like, Nelson too. Elliot looks quite good but the quality of fruits is not great.

Great problem in plantations is bird protection. There are less other fruits so the birds are more aggresive. The losses range from 5% with protections to 90% with none.

Weather is not good too for polish plantators, high amount of storms make workers work less per day.

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