Expenses of blueberry production in Poland

Expenses of blueberry production in Poland

In August on freshplaza.com there is an article http://www.freshplaza.com/article/179500/An-insight-into-cultivation-and-trading-of-Polish-blueberriesw in which Dutch student on internship said that the cost of work on blueberry plantations in Poland is 4 times lesser than in western Europe.

Unfortonately situation is different. Wages out of summer are 10-13 pln/h (2,5-3 euro/h) + expenses of accomodation and basic food.

In harvest time wages for gathering kilograms of blueberry have risen. In season of 2017 wage of harvesting blueberry for 1kg is 0,5-0,7 euro. A lot of plantations had their first problems with workforce. Polish people don’t want to work in agriculture and people from Ukraine have many different offers for different jobs (building, trade and tourism) and are able to accept work on plantations if the pay is good.

In the 2-3 years from now on wages will increase to 1 euro/kg and in worst cases no workers.

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