First visible losses after winter

The end of February and the beginning of March are the attacks of winter in Poland. For a few days we had harsh frosts, temperatures dropped below -20 degrees, in places central Poland was -26 degrees. 

For three days, the wind rained 25-35km / h with frost. For this lack of snow cover.

Blueberries plantations show the first losses. Traditionally, the most popular Bluecrop variety in Poland has survived best, with no frozen buds on it.

It’s worse with the Chandler, Duke, and licensed varieties. It is difficult to assess the percentage losses at the moment, because a lot depends on the local microclimate of the plantation. For sure, smaller losses are in positions sheltered from the wind, near forests. The situation is worse on hills with north and north-east slopes.

The low amount of snow caused that the soil deeply frozen and the roots are still frozen. It is also not known frost influenced the shoots of blueberries, or the root system. The coming weeks will show the size of the losses. Everyone is hoping that they will not be big.

In the case of Bluecrop, there is no risk of lowering yields, it performs well in difficult conditions.

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