Foundation Promotion Polish Blueberry

Foundation of Promotion of Polish Blueberry

Day of Polish blueberry is plantators’ initiative. Its goal is integration of plantators and other users of market (organisations, buisnesses), it promotes consuming fresh blueberry. In this goal Foundation of Polish blueberry.

We founded the foundation to organise event “1st July – Day of the Polish Blueberry”, extend the project, find partners and popularise our goals – Says Katarzyna Grzegrzółka coordinating operations of promotion of 1st July Day of the Polish Blueberry. Why do that? To promote polish blueberries to consumers. To show that they are tasty, healthy and produced ecologically.

Goals of 1st July – Day of the Polish Blueberry:

general goal: education of consumers, building of market and showing the valors and wisdom about the work that is needed to produce blueberry
Marketing goal: Awarness of the “fruits of XXI century” and 9 months of our work on the plantations before gathering and showing the climate of work from which Polish people can be proud of.
Trade goal: Building the need for blueberry in July (Markets tell the price in August when the supply of fruit is the biggest.)
Media goal: Blueberry in information medias 1st July. The presence of blueberry in July in lifestyle media ( magazines sold at the end of June but made in May)

Foundation of Promotion of Polish blueberry was created to  promote blueberry and its valors. Its goal is also to help producers of blueberry to grow and increasing education about blueberry production to produce blueberry correctly.

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