Further crops of blueberries in Poland in 2016 were low?

In autumn it is worth to observe in plantations how developed the buds are. This will evaluate the yield potential of plants to another and well-cut plan. This year, in contrast to the previous plants they have a lot of buds, which bodes well for their yield in the following year.

In the case of highbush blueberry fruiting takes place on the stems of annual and older, which in the August and September are forming buds. This process is stimulated by shortening the day, and the appropriate temperature. There is no specific data that must be the values ​​of these parameters, but it is generally accepted that the initiation of flowers is required day length not exceeding 14 hours (with such a situation in Poland, we have to do after 20 August). The shorter days, the process of initiation of flowers faster and takes less time. It is connected also with the temperature – it was found that in excess of 20 ° C slows the initiation of flower buds. Another element for the initiation of flower buds is to stabilize shoot growth – when they reach their vegetative growth, it is possible to start the generative phase, that is, the formation of buds.


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