International Blueberry Conference 2018

Blueberry production is growing all over the world, this is due to good taste, numerous health properties and good quality fruit. Poland is a leading manufacturer of blueberries, so that it does not lose this position, you need hard work on quality, adjusting the offer to the expectations of recipients and access to modern practical knowledge.
This possibility is offered by participation in the International Blueberry Conference, which takes place already for the VI time, this year on 1-2 March at the Mazurkas hotel in Ożarów Mazowiecki.
The first day is part of the lecture, the conference was invited the best lecturers who will present what are the current trends in the cultivation of blueberries and what challenges are facing producers who want to develop their production. There will be talk of problems posed by Drosophila suzukii, but even more serious threat to the horizon is the growing and perceptible deficit of employees to harvest fruit.
During the Conference, it will be possible to get acquainted with the offers of companies serving the blueberry industry, and more than 60 companies are exhibited.
The second day is traditionally a field meeting, on a blueberry plantation in the area of ​​Grójec, in Wólka Kurdybanowska. The demonstration of the cut will be conducted by Paweł Korfanty, a nursery and a passionate blueberry enthusiast.
The demonstration workshops on how to plant blueberries and how to cultivate them in the first years will be led by Leon Schrijnwerkers from the Netherlands. He is a great blueberry planter, he also runs a nursery of blueberry seedlings.
The plantation will be able to see the assembly of the structure to protect the fruit from birds, there will also be demonstrations of machine work.
Participation in the Blueberry Conference is a solid portion of theoretical and practical knowledge about growing blueberries.


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