Season 2017 and what next?

The most important challenge in the future for berry producers will be hiring seasonal workers.

Thanks to the manual harvest it’s possible to maintain a good quality of blueberries and for this quality the polish producers built a good reputation. Unfortunately year 2017 has shown that during the harvest of blueberries, strawberries or raspberries there is not enough of seasonal workers. This can stop the growth of the whole berry sector.

Manual harvest is necessary to compete with producers from tropical countries, where blueberry harvest can be done the whole year. Season 2017 showed in blueberry that other than manual harvest there is also need for investitions in securing plantations from rain and cold temperature. By accomplishing these terms and very intensive marketing of blueberry Poland will be able to manage blueberries very well.

In season 2017 other than harmful weather polish producers and traders trading with the United Kingdom had to resist the economical problem which was a low value of pound. But from the perspective of time season can be considered pretty good.

It’s also the result of increasing need of blueberry in Poland, mainly because of promotial events like: “1 lipca Dzień Polskiej Borówki” or “Power-Fruits”. It was crucial at the end of the season, in September, when export was limited and the most of the blueberries was managed in Poland.

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