Expenses of blueberry production in Poland

Expenses of blueberry production in Poland In August on freshplaza.com there is an article http://www.freshplaza.com/article/179500/An-insight-into-cultivation-and-trading-of-Polish-blueberriesw in which Dutch student on internship said that the cost of […]

April freezing in Poland

April frosts in Poland – record fruit yields can be forgotten Beggining of April in Poland was very warm , Temperature at day could go to […]

Blueberry conference 2017

Blueberry conference 2017 is 4 edition of this important party. It will begin on 2 and 3 March 2017 in Mazurkas Hotel in Ozarow Mazowieckie. Motto […]

Harvest of blueberries

Poland is a country of E.U in which harvest of blueberry is beginning latest. West and south of the country has similar start of the season […]

Blueberry production in Poland and the world

From International Blueberry Organization (IBO), Poland is not european leader in blueberry production. This title claimed Spain, where in 2016 production of these fruits was about […]

Blueberry plantation in Poland

Our plantations are located in Central Poland near Białobrzegi.. Currently we have 8 ha fruiting bushes and 12 ha young plantings. The main varieties are Chandler, […]