The blueberry plantations of the highest standard

The customers who spend some money on the blueberries care not only of the price of the product but also on the highest quality of the fruit, its taste and flavour. As an outcome, it is worth think about places where the customers are able to receive the products of the highest quality.

 The most popular blueberry plantations are located in Poland. In a country which is located in the central Europe and which borders with Germany, the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation. What is more, the polish blueberry is well-known around the world because the plantations have won numerous awards.

 The majority of the blueberries are grown in the central of Poland, in bialobrzeski region, 60 kilometres from Warsaw. There are 2 main plantation, which are called: Daltrozow and Lipskie Budy. They are situated at the area of 20ha.

 The first blueberry plantation is Paulin and Daltrozow which was founded in 2012. The total area of the plantation is 8 hectares. Unfortunately, in Poland is sometimes dangerous weather circumstances and as an outcome in 2014, the plantation was covered by net which protect the bushes against hails. The blueberry producer cultives there are Bluecrop and Chandler.

 The second blueberry plantation is called Lipskie Budy and it is situated at the area of 12 hectares and on the edge of the Forest Stromiecki and areas of uncontaminated industry. It is one of the youngest plantation because it was started in 2015. The most popular cultivates are Duke, Huron, Chandler and Aurora.

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