The blueberry season in Poland is slowly ending

The end of the season in Poland

The season of 2018 in Poland was atypical. Hot April and May caused very rapid maturation of blueberries. The harvest started two weeks earlier, export shipments started already at week 25. In addition, high temperature during harvest and moderate fruiting of the popular variety in Poland, Bluecrop meant that the season was intense but short. Already at the beginning of August, many plantations ended harvesting, in addition, the first decade of August brought temperatures of 30-35 degrees, many fruits of the Liberty varieties, Aurora simply lost export parameters. Currently, there is a lack of blueberries suitable for export to Western Europe in week 33. Many companies are looking for good quality fruit but without much success. Good fruits were only found on the best plantations. However, for the owners of these plantations, current prices of 5-6 euro / kg are not attractive and are not able to compensate for the losses they suffered due to unfavorable weather.

The season can be classified as one of the most difficult, but as it turns out, it was easy to predict. The very accelerated flowering time indicated very early harvest. The beginning coincided with blueberries, and perhaps a shortage of large quantities of blueberries before those from Peru or Chile arrive. This is the reverse of the 2017 season, where the season was very long.

The Polish problem is the lack of forecasts regarding delivery times and the amount our country has.

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