harvest blueberry

Weather is not helping polish plantators

Weather in this season is bad for polish producers of blueberry. In spring there were 3 waves of cold, beginning of July was cold and there were rains so fruits were not maturing. In the beginning of August heat waves of 35C made fruits mature, sun problems and problems with workers.third and fourth decade of August there was a lot of raining which made a lot of fruits broken, last fruits of Bluecrop are not good enough for export, Eliot which begun maturing has losses too, Aurora resisted the rains but there is not enough of it in Poland, Chandler which has 20-30% of fruits has losses too. Morning dew make harvest harder and 34th week is a noticable loss of harvest.
Plantations with protections have it under control but there is not a lot of them. Companies buying blueberry give very variable prices from 3 to 5 euro/kg depending on quality of fruits. Companies where they buy them for 3 euro have bad fruits but the ones who buy them for 5 euro have the best quality. Need of good blueberry falls so the prices will rise. Bad fruits are not good enough for deliveries out of Poland, only in Poland.

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