Where can you purchase the blueberries?

At present, more and more customers are looking for unique and healthy products. They prefer home-made products and fruit and vegetable which comes directly from farms where matter only nature and where the harmful chemicals are not applied at any stage.

Nowadays, Polish blueberry plantation gains new customers from all over the world who prefer the highest quality products.

 One of the place where the best polish blueberry grow is bialobrzeski region which is located about 60 kilometres from Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. There are located three notable blueberry plantations where the customers can get the freshest and the highest quality fruit.

 However, not every customer is able to visit the blueberry producer in Poland. Fortunately, they do not have to travel to Poland to get the fresh products. The majority of owners of blueberry plantation have established the online stores where everyone is able to purchase the fruit and order them by the post.

 The product is sent in so called icebox where the blueberries are stored in a cool place. Unfortunately, there are not many destinations available. The majority of companies provides shipping within the European Union only.

 It takes only 3 days to deliver the goods to your home. You can pay in advance or you can pay the courier while receiving the parcel. The most popular destinations of delivery are Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Russian Federation.

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